CLYDE W. COSPER TEXAS STATE VETERANS HOME - Home of the Greatest Generations.

CNA Certification Classes Starting Soon!

Clyde W. Cosper Texas State Veterans Home is a 160 bed state-of-the-art nursing care facility operated by Texas VSI, LLC for the State of Texas General Land Office (GLO) and Veterans Land Board (VLB). 

Please refer to our position listings for current opportunities to start or continue a career at Clyde W Cooper Texas State Veterans Home. The Clyde W. Cosper Texas State Veterans Home is proud to offer training courses for individuals interested in careers serving our Veterans.

In The News

They all willingly chose to enlist in the military for various reasons. They served their country honorably, came home to their families and went about their lives. Today, they reside at Bonham's Clyde W. Cosper Texas State Veterans Home.

Many nursing homes have "secret heroes" among their census, and chances are, many people don't have any idea what they’ve done. Most war veterans don’t talk very much about their time in active duty, and that can lead to challenges later in life, especially if post-traumatic stress, dementia, or both are factors.